​MIKA : Mika Ushio 

Birth Date: 25 November 1990          
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese, English, Korean
Height: 162cm    Blood type: A
Mika Ushio is a Japanese actress and singer.
Born and grew up in Osaka, Japan.
She graduated Joseigakuen high school in Japan.
Studied acting , singing and dancing.
She appeared in movies such as "Joshiko" and "Renaikitanshu".
It is on the CM and the stage in Japan as well.

​Takashi : Okado Takashi

Born in 1988 in Nara prefecture, Isshin Okado moved to Tokyo with aspirations of becoming an actor. He entered Watanabe Entertainment soon after learning acting. 
After graduating, he began his career, working in TV, films, and commercials. 
In recent years, Isshin has moved behind the camera - working as a cameraman and director. 
His photography was exhibited at "233 Gallery Setagaya". 
Finally, his short film debut as director "Kara No Nai Katatsumuri To Mizukaki No Nai Kaeru" was screened at Serbia International Film Festival, Fukuoka Independent Film Festival as well as being selected for competition at many others.
Web : http://tukini-kachiinu.wixsite.com/okadotakashi

​Yuki : Yuki Kedoin

Yuki Kedoin is a Japanese actor / sword performer.
He graduated from a management university in Japan.
After graduation, he learned acting and sword skills. I learned sword skills at O-getsu. O-getsu revives the spirit of the sword of Japan being lost, adds artistic breath to it, challenges the possibility of the evolving sword that is the only group in Shaolai in Japan.
Using swords, matching martial arts and dancing is a characteristic of O-getsu. O - Getsu Ryu has been accepted all over the world as "a group that was treated as a weapon and sublimated to art" in the past from UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Finally, O - Getsu Ryu conducted a European tour that mobilized 30,000 people.
He is expected not only from acting but also as a sword performer from O-getsu, and has been invested since 2016. He is an actor who is active mainly in theater and movies.